Brandon Valley Baptist Church is located on the corner of Splitrock Boulevard and Keystone Drive. You will need to turn onto Keystone in order to enter the church parking lot.
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What We Believe
We believe in the triune God who has revealed Himself to mankind through the inspired Scriptures; 
We have experienced the spiritual birth through faith in Christ and acclaim Him as our Lord and Savior; 
We cherish the Scriptures as sole and authoritative guide for our faith and conduct, the Holy Spirit being our interpreter and advocate; 
We enjoy personal access to God through our Lord Jesus Christ and devote ourselves to the ministry of the priesthood of the believer; 
We affirm the Church to be a fellowship of believers who have experienced spiritual birth and have been baptized in accordance with New Testament teaching, celebrating the Lord’s Supper as a memorial until He comes again; 
We minister to the Church by the gifts of God’s grace and direct her action prayerfully and democratically; 
We hold ourselves responsible and accountable to God as well as to man, carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and respond in Christian love to the needs of man and society; 
We foster the fellowship of like-minded churches and participate in the larger tasks of Christ’s mission to reach those who are without the knowledge of the Gospel; 
We avow the liberty of each Christian believer and safeguard the separation of church and state; 
We believe that God has not left Himself unattested and, therefore, seek religious freedom for all persons everywhere. 
Brandon Valley Baptist Church is part of the North American Baptist Conference:
Meet Our Staff
 Randy Battey, Senior Pastor (photo coming soon)

Get Involved

We have a number of volunteering opportunities for you to share your gifts, talents, and abilities and to grow in your faith.
Join us on Sunday mornings for Worship and Sunday School. During the week we have Bible studies, Awana Clubs, and more. Watch the calendar for other events, such as Vacation Bible School, seminars, and other special events.
Preparing and serving food:
In addition to potluck meals at our church, we also serve at the St. Francis House, and deliver food to those who are ill, bereaved, or in need. We also need volunteers to provide treats for Fellowship Time between the Worship Service and Sunday School.
In the past, we have had mission trips in the summer to assist a church in Eagle Butte with maintaining and updating their church building. There are also smaller projects in our own building and grounds, including painting, mowing, spring cleaning, gardening/landscaping, etc.
Children's Programs:
Adult and teen volunteers can help in various ways with our children's programs: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Awana Clubs (help with food, special events, games, etc.), and other special events. Children would, of course, participate in those activities.
Music/Worship Service Involvement:
Every Sunday there is time reserved in the worship service (called Ministry of Music) for someone to share a song, instrumental piece, testimony, poem, etc.; children are invited to be part of the Kids Choir; those interested in acting are welcome to join our Drama Team; and volunteers are invited to sign up to read the chosen Scripture during the Worship Service. We sing hymns and have a small praise team. We also have a Bluegrass group that performs on the fifth Sunday of the month.
If you enjoy praying for the needs and praises in the church, please ask to be part of our Prayer Chain so that you can pray for specific things within our congregation. Every first and third Sunday evening we have a brief service that focuses on praying for our church, community, country, and the world.
The Outreach Team typically promotes a variety of other volunteering opportunites, including making bandages for the White Cross, the monthly KNWC "Hands and Feet" ministry opportunites, and more. Watch the calendar, bulletin, and newsletter for other upcoming volunteer opportunities.
If you have a ministry opportunity or idea you would like to share with us, please contact us.

Ministry Teams
The Care Team provides oversight to the health of the congregation – physical, spiritual, relational (including attention to matters regarding membership). This includes prayer, visitation, benevolence, membership review, baptism, communion, parish nurse, helps, social fellowship, and meal ministries.
The Discipleship Team provides oversight to the age and lifestyle ministries concerning biblical instruction and maturation in becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This includes nursery, preschool, children, youth, college/career, adults, women, men, small groups, classes, workshops, camp, and resource center/library.

The Leadership Team is composed of the Senior Pastor, Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer and the Chairpersons of the five Ministry Teams, with the Moderator serving as Chairperson and the Senior Pastor as Assistant Chairperson. The Leadership Team is accountable to the congregation for the overall operation, ministry and administration of the church and to each other in the carrying out of their responsibilities. 
They oversee the ministry of the church and serve as the primary decision-making team of the church, with the exception of those matters specifically identified for congregational responsibility.  The Leadership Team provides ministry descriptions for the five Ministry Teams receiving their annual goals and semi-annual objectives with regular updates of development and progression. They also prepare an annual slate of officers, Leadership and Ministry Team members and appoint any special Task Force(s) to handle matters. The Leadership Team handles and/or delegates all issues related to the life of the church not entrusted to the Staff or the Ministry Teams. 

The Outreach Team provides oversight to the ministries that will enhance support and participation in reaching people with the gospel, both at home and internationally. This includes missionaries, evangelism, visitors, mission teams, publicity, greeters, white cross, service teams, and mission organizations.

The Spiritual Vision Team serves the congregation in planning and advising the Leadership Team, the Ministry Teams and the Congregation regarding specific congregational needs whether spiritual, physical, social or financial.
The Stewardship Team provides oversight and maintenance of the capital resources and give direction for financial and budgetary issues. This includes facilities, grounds, equipment, maintenance, décor, budget, vehicles, audit, and finances.
The Worship Team provides oversight for ministries related to music and worship, including all elements affecting services and the encouragement of giving worth to the Lord. This includes music, choirs, musicians, ushers, power point, multi-media, instruments, drama, vocalists, ensembles, and sound technology.
If you need to contact a Ministry Team, call or email the church office or contact a team member directly.